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Winter ❖ 19154Remnants ❖ 19181-1-3South Rim ❖ 19190-1-4North Rim Sunrise  ❖ 19132-1-4Shredding ❖ 19186-1-3Pinnacales ❖ 19080-2Rowdy Lake Reflection ❖ 19094-1Golden Sun ❖ 19057-01-6Golden storm ❖ 19079Cosmic Cliffs ❖ 19017-18964Golden Sunset ❖ 19107-1-3Sand Drifts ❖ 18906-01-3Shades of Dawn ❖ 18913The Struggle ❖ 18897-02Sand Waves ❖ 18896A Day at Bosque ❖ 18926-19Dawn ❖ 18785-02Summer Snow ❖ 18801-03Freedom ❖ 18796-03-16921-02aParachute ❖ 18774-13

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I apologize for my tardy response. Thanks for your support, Liz. I hope you make it to the Southwest. It is indeed a beautiful place. I'm always torn between the Southwest and the Rockies. I want to be in both places all the time.
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